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If you have never heard of CHIMP HAVEN, you are in for a treat.  This is a sanctuary for Chimps that are being retired from research.

Their Mission: To provide humane care for chimpanzees that have been used for biomedical research, or other purposes, and which are no longer used for those purposes. To provide large, enriched and permanent housing for these animals in accordance with all state and federal regulations pertaining to the care and housing of these nonhuman primates. To provide noninvasive research opportunities on the behavior and biology of chimpanzees and to disseminate this information to others in publicly available formats. To educate the public about these endangered nonhuman primates and the needs for conservation in the wild and protection in captivity.

On May 17th I will be heading to Louisiana to spend the night for an all day event on the 18th there at Chimp Haven.  For $40, you get a full tour of the facility, lunch, a chance to see the chimps in a natural setting and of course, PHOTOS…  The sanctuary is normally not open to the public with the exception of a handful of dates throughout the year.

If anyone is interested in traveling with me for this May 18th event, please let me know and I will provide you with all the details.

Click HERE for more information about Chimp Haven and what they are all about.