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I had about an hour this evening to relax and be a little creative with my camera and some accessories, which include the following:

1. Canon 7D
2. Lens Baby Composer
3. Lens Baby 1.6X Telephoto Lens
4. Both, 4x & 10X Macro Filters
5. Water
6. Oil
7. Light
8. Makeup Mirror
8. Imagination (most of all)

Combine camera gear, stacking the filters then adding the Telephoto Lens. Then mix other ingredients in the bathroom sink.  For color add food coloring or fabric to the water. I placed the lit makeup mirror to my left to add the rings in the bubbles. Your depth of field is very small.  And you will be shooting in manual focus so if a glass of wine helps, by all means drink up before shooting.  LOL But most of all shoot away and have fun.